November 18, 2015

Updates + New Ideas

It's the end of the year and in true Heather fashion, I have my hands in many things.

Shall we begin where I left off? Let see that was……Halloween! Oh boy, didn't realize it had been that long.

Halloween, Croup & Ear Infections

TnT Halloween

Both girls got sick right before Halloween but seemed to be getting better Halloween night so we took Batgirl2 trick or treating. It lasted all of 20 minutes before they started hacking up their lungs.

The following Monday, we ended up at the doctor (a second time) and Tensley was diagnosed with croup and the beginnings of an ear infection. YAY! ::insert sarcasm::  ::insert eye rolling emoji::

That Friday we were yet again back at the doctor. This time Tillie was diagnosed with an ear infection. Double YAY! ::insert sarcasm::  ::insert eye rolling emoji:: We just can't seem to get away from medical issues this year. Note to self: Do everything possible to keep everyone healthy next year.

Christmas Plaid Launch

Buffalo Plaid DeerMason Jar Label Santa Tags Christmas Trees

Of course, right in the middle of all the sickness I was in the process of launching my Christmas Plaid line of products for my Etsy shop. Somehow, I managed to pull it off. If you haven't yet, head on over to my shop and pick up some goodies! I have prints, Santa tags, gift tags, mason jar labels, holiday photo cards (more coming soon), and Christmas cards.


McMahon-Fall-2015-27 McMahon-Fall-2015-39

I've dabbled in photography taking pictures for friends and family for a few years now. In the past year I've had several people ask if I ever did mini sessions so last month I decided to finally try it out. I have three sessions scheduled for this weekend so I've been practicing the past couple of weeks.

Easy Canvas Prints LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get one 16"x20" Canvas Print for ONLY $12 + Shipping. Plus get 72% off all other sizes with no additional shipping cost! Now through 11/22.

New Ideas

The past few months have been a little rough for us and with that, I have been thinking about what I want to do with blogging and my Etsy shop. Do I keep moving forward, make some changes or quit altogether. Since I can't imagine giving it all up, I have been planning on making some changes. I'm really hoping that my plan come together in the new year.

So, if you begin to see less of me here, just know that I'm not gone, I'm just working hard on new ideas.

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