October 11, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan + Week 41

"I feel the earth, move, under my feet…"

I've had this song in my head since yesterday when we had an earthquake that I actually felt! I was upstairs in my office working on well, work stuff and felt the floor move and heard a rumbling. Normally we don't feel them but I guess since I was upstairs it was easier to feel? Anyway, I ran into the theatre room (it's just outside my office/craft room) and asked JMac if he felt it. As we were standing there talking, another earthquake hit. Needless to say, we hauled butt downstairs for a bit in case another one decided to strike. Everything was fine. We had no damage other than our nerves being a little shot for a few minutes. Reports say it was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake.


Meal Planning

If you're not meal planning, you really should be. I can't even tell you how much stress it takes off of you. When I don't meal plan I am totally lost about what to do for dinner. Meal planning really isn't that hard. If you already have a list of go-to meals, it should only take you a few minutes…hour tops to plan your meals for the week. Since we get paid every two weeks, I meal plan two weeks at a time and it doesn't take me long at all.

Week 41 Meal Plan

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels / Chips

One Pot Chili Mac & Cheese / Salad

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas / Rice & Black Beans

Beef Stroganoff / Peas

Leftover Buffet

Chicken Pizza Pasta / Salad

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches / Tomato Soup


Meal Plan Monday

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