October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun

In October, we not only attend a Fall Festival or two but, like many other's, we also visit at least one pumpkin patch. The girls (they are so fun at this age) had been asking for weeks when we were going to go to the pumpkin patch so last weekend we went to our favorite pumpkin patch.


This family farm has SO much to do! We were there for nearly 5 hours and still didn't do everything they had to offer! We started with a ride on the carousel and moved on the animal barn where there are goats, sheep and rabbits.


After the petting barn, the barrell train caught their attention so we headed that way and discovered they were giving rides for the little kids. TnT jumped on and loved every minute of it. This barrell train was genius! They built little cars out of barrels, linked them all together and attached them to a mowing tractor. I'm thinking JMac might need to come up with something like this for home.

The driver drove through this big field snaking back and forth. All the kids were giggling and had huge smiles on their faces. The ride was a good 3-4 minute ride.


Once the train ride was over, the girls darted off to the Super Slide. They were a little leery at first but after watching the other kids they decided to try it for themselves.

At one point, they came down one right after the other. Tillie came down first and didn't get up and move fast enough so Tensley plowed into the back of her legs as she was standing up and knocked her down into Tensley's lap. They were laughing so hard they had a hard time getting up and off the slide. They finally managed to get out of the way right before the next slider reached the bottom.


Several turns down the slide later and we headed off to explore some more. We came across this little area where they had the balls with handles that you sit on and bounce. The girls had a bit of a hard time figuring it out so I decided to show them. Big, fat, fail. I bounced once and then rolled right off the ball flat on my back. This time it was me laughing so hard I couldn't get up. Thankfully no one was around to document that little incident (well my mom was there but she wasn't fast enough with the camera). Also thankful that I didn't get hurt or sore from that little display.

The girls finally got the hang of it.


After the bouncing balls, the girls bounced on the giant jumping pillows (these girls love to jump!) for a while and then we took a little break for a snack and to get something to drink and then went right back to playing.


We ended our trip with a hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins and then the girls played for a bit on the playground while Momma and MiMi sat and rested for a bit.

Tensley, of course, had to pick the biggest pumpkin she could find. The free pumpkins aren't that big but still a pain to carry around. Anyway, I made her carry hers as long as she could and then, of course, Momma and MiMi got stuck carrying all the pumpkins.


We had a blast and the weather was perfect! The girls are already talking about going to the pumpkin patch next year.

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