October 12, 2015

Our Super Busy Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!

We had a great weekend full of checking things off our project list. Here's a little recap with pictures.

On Friday morning the girls had their Four year well child check. They were all excited until we got to the end of the exam and they realized they were getting shots. Here's what they thought of the shots….

Just Wait til You have Kids | Weekend Recap

Poor things. They insisted on going to school so we grabbed a quick cheeseburger lunch (their request) and then I dropped them off at school. When I picked up the girls from school Tillie requested "sweet chicken" so when JMac got home we headed off to Pei Wei and, of course, made a little visit to Target after (it's like right next to our Pei Wei). By the time we got home, Tillie was complaining about her sore leg from the shots. Tensley was a little sore too but it didn't stop her. She did run a very slight fever on Sunday that I suspect was from the shots.

While the girls were in school I ran to Aldi to do my grocery shopping. Grocery shopping without kids is definitely the way to go. Hello! I got my shopping done in about 30 minutes. Anyway, if you've been reading my blog for a while you might be aware of my new found love of Aldi. Everything in this picture totaled less than $100 and that's me doing the bulk of my grocery shopping at Aldi. I only need a handful of things from other stores.

Just Wait til You have Kids | Aldi Shopping

Saturday I woke up with energy so I decided to tackle some of the bulk baking I have been planning to do. Since it's technically Fall (will someone please notify Mother Nature?) I am all about all things pumpkin right now so of course first on my list was pumpkin bread (it's already almost gone…I'll have to make more next time). I also made some Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal and some Apple Baked Oatmeal to have for quick and easy breakfasts (the verdict is still out on these).

Just Wait til You have Kids | Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

All weekend I had been browsing Pinterest for some fall fashion inspiration. About 97% of my clothes are too big so I really need to do some shopping. I had this idea to try to wear my booties with some denim capris so on Friday I laid out this outfit to wear for the day but once I got it on I just couldn't do it.  I think because the denim capris were just a little too baggy and I felt like I looked sloppy. It looks great laid out on my bed though, don't you think? LOL

Just Wait til You have Kids | Denim Capris & Booties

I tried again on Sunday with some Rock Star Skinnies from Old Navy and I think I was able to pull it off. Skinnies definitely looked better…at least it did for me. Maybe I'll try again with some better fitting boyfriend jeans or capris.

Here are some of the inspiration pics I found on Pinterest. (If you like this style, head on over and follow my 'Things I'd Wear' Pinterest board.)

Just Wait til You have Kids | Fall Fashion Inspiration Just Wait til You have Kids | Fall Fashion Inspiration Just Wait til You have Kids | Fall Fashion Inspiration

I think on that last outfit I'd wear either black or camel colored boots. I'm also still on #TeamUggs so realistically I'd probably wear a pair of those with it.

Sunday was a good day. We had some time to kill before church so we took a family selfie. I know people knock the selfie stick but seriously, how else would we mommas get in the pictures without it?

Just Wait til You have Kids | My Family

I have been wanting to fill my big pots on our front and back porches so after church we went and bought some mums. I decided to put them on our back patio because it gets more sun than the front porch (our front porch gets ZERO sun). I love, love, love the red mums so that's what I picked.

We also cleaned out my car (it was nasty….a byproduct of having kids). Every inch of the car got scrubbed…especially the car seats and the covers. Once that was done, we worked a little on cleaning out the garage. It needs to be organized badly.

Just Wait til You have Kids | Patio DecorJust Wait til You have Kids | Patio Planting

This reminds me…I need to go out and water the mums today.

Also today, I'm working on this…..the aftermath from our busy weekend (Insert bug-eyed emoji).

Just Wait til You have Kids | Real Life Laundry Room

What was your weekend like? I hope it was a great one!

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