September 11, 2015

Friday Faves

Is it just me or did this week just fly by? Holiday weekends always get me messed up. It totally does not feel like a Friday to me. And also, I feel like I still have so much more to do before next week! Eek!


Last Sunday we had a family fun day. We took the girls to a Children's music festival called Wiggle Out Loud and it was HOT….as in sweltering. Nevertheless, the girls really enjoyed it and didn't want to leave so we had to lure them away with the promise of ice cream. We ended up eating lunch at one of their favorite places, Smashburger and then went home to rest up before going to a fireworks show at a local Arts Festival. I will never tire of watching my girls get excited about things. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is the best thing and I think as adults we need to be more like our children and get excited about the little things.




Alone time….The girls being in school has been life changing for me. It's only 2 hours (between drop off and pick up) but it's amazing how productive I can be in those 2 hours. I find myself longing for more time (to clean and organize) so I'm counting down until the girls go to school all day (in 2 more years) but I am taking full advantage of every minute I have now working on this blog and my Etsy shop….something I've dreamed of since pretty much right after they were born.



Now that the weather is trying to turn cooler, I've realized that I don't have any jeans that fit. I have several pairs of capris but all my jeans are too big. In the next couple of weeks I plan to go to my favorite store for jeans and pick up a pair or two. I've also fallen in love with their t-shirts and need to replace some of my old worn out shirts so I might pick up a couple of those too!

Maurices Hi Low T-ShirtMaurices Denim Flex Jeans



After our crazy summer that included lots of procedures and illnesses, we've acquired a little bit of debt. I hate it. I absolutely hate debt so we are now in the process of getting things paid off…again. So I'm wondering, what is your best/favorite method of getting your debt paid off?



Since I've been focusing on my blog and shop now that the girls are in school, I've been updating some of my older and more popular posts like the No Bake Granola Bars and the DIY Fall Wreath posts. I'll be updating more posts and my Freebie page soon as well. Lots and lots to do in just 2 short hours a day, huh? Maybe I should figure out a way to get a clone…that will work for free. LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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