August 13, 2015

Life Update

Since so much has been going on lately I thought I'd post an update on everything.


I'm So Tired

Y'all, I'm tired. I feel like I need several (one in every color) of the I'm So Tired t-shirts. I seriously don't know how I've made it through the past 3.5 months without getting sick or just completely crashing. Actually, I do…by the grace of God, lots of coffee and a hyperthyroid (which is being corrected now).


Weight Loss


I've lost 15 pounds this summer. Partly due to all the stress and partly due to having a hyperthyroid. Now that the hyperthyroid is getting corrected, I'm going to have to fight to keep off the weight. I love where I'm at now, I'd just like to tone everything up. I know I've asked this here before but if you know of any good YouTube workout videos, please share them! I'm too cheap to buy any.


Bugged Out

I haven't posted much about this but we somehow acquired some very unwanted guests in our house earlier this summer. We discovered them on Father's Day and I am happy to report that we haven't seen any signs of them in a month! That was the most awful, mentally and physically exhausting time and we've seriously become quite paranoid about every dark speck that we find. Also, my house has never been more clean and I haven't been behind on laundry for quite some time (#brightside). I hope we NEVER have to go through that again!


Healing Hubby


I don't know what we were thinking scheduling procedures/surgeries for JMac and TnT in the same week. JMac's recovery was supposed to be fairly quick but instead we ended up in the ER and he's been having trouble ever since. I feel so bad for him and wish there was something I could do to get him back to the normal he so wants to be. Bless his heart, he powered through the girls' surgeries on Monday and went back to work today. We are hoping soon he will be feeling himself again.


Profoundly Large


The ENT who took out the girls' tonsils and adenoids said that their adenoids were "profoundly large" No wonder one snored worse than her daddy and the other was constantly sick! They seem to be doing well. Today was day 3 and I've been told 3-5 days out they start having pain again so I'm somewhat prepared if/when it happens.



Next week the girls start Pre-k and I can't believe it's already here! I bought their school supplies last week. I wanted so badly to buy them each a cute backpack but at their school the pre-k and kindergarteners don't get to have backpacks. ::Sad face::

I think they are pretty excited. They're excited about making "lots of new fwends". We'll see how excited they are on the first day. I have a feeling some shyness is going to come out.




Amongst the chaos I've still been working on orders. It's been nice having something creative to work on as it's a good stress reliever for me. It also inspires me to come up with new designs/themes of printables for the shop.

Since we aren't homeschooling this year, I have plans to transform the craft/homeschool room into my office for embellish*ology and Just Wait. I have lots of plans/goals/dreams for my shop and this blog. Maybe with the girls in school 12 hours a week and having a dedicated office space I can actually accomplish something!


Sad Summer

So it doesn't sound like a lot but between the bugs and being sick, our whole summer passed by without much enjoyment. We did have a week here and there (probably 3 total) where we were able to have some fun but dang, we had a lot more planned. I had a long bucket list of things I wanted to do with the girls before they started school. I guess I'll save them for next summer.

The good thing? We are all on the mend (I hope) and can hopefully knock some things off our Fall bucket list. :)

I hope I didn't sound too much like a negative nancy. I'm trying to get better about seeing the positive in things (you know, since my word for this year was 'Joy') but sometimes it's hard to see through the smoke.


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  1. You look fantastic, girl! Check out Pinterest for some awesome, easy yet effective workouts. Some of my favorites come from there.


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