June 2, 2015

It's JUNE!

Good riddance to the month of May. I am so glad it's now June! I don't think I could have taken any more severe thunderstorm, flash flood or tornado warnings.

It all started on May 6th when we spent 6 hours in our storm shelter. Before that, I had spent maybe 2 hours TOTAL down there in the 15 years we've had the storm shelter!

Below is a graphic of the number of warnings we had for the month of May ONLY. Also, this was just for the area that the US National Weather Service in Norman covers. This was also as of May 28th. There were more warnings the last 3 days of the month.

The total number of tornado warnings for the entire state as of May 28th was 169. Our normal average for an entire year I think is around 55-60!

The weather this year has been cray-cray and my anxiety levels have been 100 times higher than normal.

Our year-to-date rainfall as of May 31 is 28.7" and of that we got 19.5" in May.

But now? THE SUN IS OUT and there's no chance of rain in the near future! I cannot tell you how excited I am about that.

I feel like I can finally breathe again!

We've already been spending a lot of time outside.




The mosquitos, however, are ridiculous. No more mosquitos just at dusk. They are gigantic and they are out all day long. We have been building our arsenal to keep from getting eaten alive by them and sadly, the girls already have bites all over them.

Summertime Tiki Patio

JMac and I have started back at planning our landscape. Our backyard needs to be scraped to level it out. Between the tornado slamming things into the ground, construction and gophers, our yard has lots of holes and low spots. Not to mention the sink holes created from all the rain we received last month. We also have a shed that needs to be turned into a playhouse, sectional couches that need to be built, a table for our barn patio, and a buffet cabinet that needs to be painted for the patio.

Maybe I'll even get to plant my flowers IN our flower beds now.

Summertime Plants

June, with your sunny rainless days, you are such a welcome site. I hope this weather sticks around for a long while.

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