May 13, 2015

Wednesday Randoms

This week's randoms are all weather related because well, that's pretty much the only thing that has been happening around here.


I'm sure I've made this pretty obvious but I am not a fan of Spring. I've never really been a fan but after the last few years, Spring comes in last on my list of favorite Seasons.  More specifically, I do not like the month of May. May is typically our tornado season so you can see why I don't like it.

2015 Clouds



Mother's Day was good. We were supposed to have more storms but they ended up forming a little bit east of us. The girls got me a couple of Hydrangea bushes that I've been wanting to plant in front of our porch. Now if it will just stop raining long enough to plant them.



Since I'm ready for Spring, I've been making a list of summer activities. I cant. wait. for it to get hot outside. Bring on the 90+ degree days! Anyway, since I haven't been able to convince JMac to replace our pool, I have compromised and agreed to get this one for the girls.

Inflatable Pool


The girls have done pretty well considering we've been trapped inside because of the rain and storms. We did get a nice little break with pretty weather on Monday and Tuesday. We took advantage and got out for a little bit to do some grocery shopping and get some retail therapy. I'm hoping we get some more sunshine soon!

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