April 3, 2015

What our barn patio looks like. . . in my head.

Patio Decor - Our Barn Patio Design | Just Wait til You have Kids

Our house before the tornado didn't have any covered patios. We had a covered porch along the front but it wasn't a great entertaining space. I mean, who wants to hang out on their front porch listening to all the cars drive by (we get LOTS of traffic on our street). We had always planned to add on a cover of some kind over our back deck but just never did.

I always dreamed about having a great outdoor entertaining space. A great dining table, a cozy conversational/hang out area and a fire pit.

Now, with our additions and modifications, we have three covered patios! Two on the house and one on our barn. You guys, now that it's warmer outside, we have been spending so much time on our patios. One of our patios, affectionately called the "grilling porch" is pretty well protected so even on chilly nights it's stays fairly warm. That patio is where we've been eating most of our meals since Spring arrived.

This past weekend, we started working on our barn patio. It runs the full length of our barn, which I think is about 50 feet and it's 10 feet deep. Don't tell my other patios but I think it's my favorite. One of the biggest reasons is because I can see our entire backyard….and the littles that play there. Anyway, when we built the barn I started imaging lights, chandeliers or lanterns, hanging from the exposed beams. Well one day JMac asked me what I thought about using the lights we had initially purchased for our faux dormers for the barn. Let me just tell you, I was beyond excited. We already had two lights so we ordered two more and…..

Dream come true.

Barn Lights | Just Wait til You have Kids

JMac worked nearly two days getting the wiring done and the lights hung. He is like the best husband ever and I'm in love…..with the lights, ok and him. Ha! I seriously just want to hang out there every night. Although, I had to go buy some citronella candles the other day because the mosquitos have already come out and they are bigger than Texas this year. Yikes!

Here's another view of the lights at dusk.

Barn Lights | Just Wait til You have Kids

It's like they were meant to go there.

Ok, so for the rest of the porch, this is what I had in mind. Most of it will be DIY so it may take us some time to get it finished but I can be patient. I think. We also already have some of the furniture, the pillows and obviously the lights.

Barn Patio Design | Just Wait til You have Kids

I plan to add more navy and maybe some of the lime green in the pillows with d├ęcor. Since our weather is so crazy here, I don't plan on spending a bunch of money on things that could possibly get tossed around during storms or with our crazy winds.

Have you been spending as much time outside as we have? What's your favorite part of your backyard?

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