April 13, 2015

Week(End) Recap

Wow. How did a week go by with me not blogging? Actually, I know. We were busy, busy and having fun so there was no time!

Easter was good. We grilled out and just had family time. It was cold and a bit rainy if I remember correctly. Sadly, I didn't get many pictures that day. On Monday we did our normal. Tuesday is when the fun began.

On Tuesday, JMac was off so we took a last minute spontaneous trip to the zoo. We have season passes and haven't gone near enough. It got a little warm but it was the perfect day! The girls only request was to see the elephants and feed the giraffes. When we got to the elephant exhibit, they weren't out so we missed the elephants, but the girls got to feed a giraffe!

04 07 15_8533
04 07 15_8536

The zoo was hosting Read Across Oklahoma that day so the cast of Super Why was there. The girls were pretty star struck. It was so cute!

04 07 15_8518

Last time we visited the zoo we didn't visit the children's area so that was our first stop this time. The girls got to brush a goat, play on the slide and in the little waterfall and stream. It's such a fun area for the kids.

04 07 15_8521 04 07 15_852204 07 15_8525

Wednesday was back to our normal schedule. Even the tornado watch that day seemed normal because it seems like we've had storms and severe weather midweek every week for the past month. Welcome to Spring in Oklahoma. Here's Tensley giving us the weather forecast. Thankfully, I don't think we had any tornadoes in Oklahoma that day.

04 08 15_8514

Thursday was another low key day. I think I worked on cleaning the house a little bit and then we played outside until dinner time.

Friday was my grocery day. We were gone ALL day. When we finally got home I grilled some chicken and made chicken fajitas. They were soooo good! I'm thinking they will be on the menu a lot this summer.

Here's a little funny story for you (although I didn't think it was funny at the time). One of my grocery stops was Sprouts. I don't know if I've mentioned this here but one of the previous times we went to Sprouts, Tensley decided she needed to test out the produce (she also peed in the floor at the bathroom that day but we're not going to talk about that). Anyway, this visit was no different. Both girls were looking at the mushrooms while my mom was looking at the salad mixes (did I mention my mom was with me?). Anyway, I was looking for things on my list and when I turned around I saw Tensley chewing on something and she had a very disgusted look on her face. Upon closer examination, I realized she had decided she needed to taste test the mushrooms and then proceeded to try to spit it out right there in the middle of the floor. Ugh! I quickly dug through my purse to find a Kleenex but came upon a package of wipes (thank goodness!) so she could spit it out. THEN, after being tired of waiting on my mom and I, she decided she needed a snack and grabbed an apple and took a huge bite.

The moral of this story? Add Sprouts to the list of places I go solo.

Saturday was so much fun! We took the girls to pick out seeds for a little butterfly garden we are going to do in the backyard. Then we went out to dinner and headed home. When we got home, JMac decided to try to burn a stump that we need to remove in order to plant the butterfly garden. It didn't really work but we had a great little bonfire going so I invited my sis and her family over for s'mores. The kids played and my sis and I sat on the barn patio under a blanket and chatted while the guys manned the fire. We were outside until after 11pm! Such a good day.

04 11 15_847704 11 15_847904 11 15_8485

JMac's dad came over on Sunday and brought pizza. It was another low key day which was a good thing because I was exhausted!

I hope everyone had a great week an weekend too! I'll try not to go so long without posting again. But no promises because I'm really enjoying outside time this year. ;)

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  1. Those photos of the giraffe are amazing! Love it! We have zoo passes too and it's a favorite activity of mine!


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