March 2, 2015

Snow Day Fun + A Weekend Recap in Pictures

Did everyone have fun in the snow these past few days? We sure did!

TnT have been asking when it's going to snow for weeks. We finally had some fairly decent snow amounts this past weekend. It was a dry snow so it wasn't that great for building snowmen (although it certainly didn't keep us them from trying) but it was just right for sledding and playing.

I really needed to go to the store on Friday and wanted to go early before the snow hit but I had to be here for the HVAC guys so they could work on our system. By they time they were done and I finally got the girls dressed and ready to go the snow had started to fall. By the time we left the store there was a good couple of inches on the ground!

Snow Day Fun 2015 Before
Just as the snow started to fall.

Snow Day Fun 2015 Grocery Store
At the store with covered up and equipped with snacks.

Snow Day Fun 2015 After
Two hours later and there's LOTS of snow!

Snow Day Fun 2015 Tensley
Tensley as happy as she could be.

Snow Day Fun 2015 Tillie

Snow Day Fun 2015 Snowman
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Snow Day Fun 2015 Snow Gear
Snow day aftermath.


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