March 4, 2015

Monthly Goals Recap + March Goals

I'm so embarrassed to write this post but I'm doing it anyway to keep myself accountable.

Before I go into my excuses, let's recap last month's goals.

February Goals

  • Work on organizing recipes
  • Schedule our days better (and stick to the to-do list!)
  • Eat healthier
  • Finish Organizing the playroom

Notice NONE of them are crossed out. ::hangs head in shame:: I blame the weather, illness and fatigue. I was doing good just to make dinner, clean the kitchen and stay caught up on laundry (big fat fail on the laundry too, btw.)

I think organizing my recipes is going to continue to be put off. It requires sitting down at my computer and if the girls are awake, being able to sit down is very rare and if I do get to sit down, I'm usually up every 5 minutes refilling drinks, getting snacks or wiping butts.

Scheduling our days better didn't really happen simply because of all the things mentioned above. I did, however, start a new system on creating my to-do list to where it's doable and I can stick to it. So far it's working out pretty good so maybe that goal can be check marked but not crossed off completely.

We ate a little bit healthier and I've become more aware of what we are eating (ingredients wise). However, once the the girls started getting sick and my fatigue kicked in, it was junk food city around here. Ugh, such a bad habit.

The playroom still isn't where I want it to be as far as organization but I did take steps to finish it by ordering some bins from Land of Nod. It's getting there but isn't finished just yet.

March Goals

March Goals

  • Wake up earlier on weekdays
  • Work on adding products to my Etsy Shop
  • Deep Clean one room each week
  • One date night
  • One Mom's night out

Have you made your goals for March yet?

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