February 22, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan + Week 8

Last week was a rough week.

I woke up sick on Monday and just as I was getting better, Tillie woke up sick on Wednesday. Then I had a girls weekend with some of my best friends (that part wasn't so rough except for the fact that I was exhausted).

I didn't get any sleep until last night and I'm still exhausted.

Last week was basically a fend for yourself kind of week so this week is basically a repeat of last week's meals that will make more than enough for leftovers.

My grocery budget likes this week.



  • One Pot Pizza Pasta – this made enough for us to have it again so it will be served for one of our leftover nights.


Did you know I have Pinterest boards for all the recipes I've tried and have added to my meal rotation? Yep, I do. And I have them categorized.

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