February 25, 2015

Wednesday Randoms + Vol. 2

I thought since I fell behind in blogging I'd just catch everyone up with some Wednesday Randoms!

Snow Days & Sickness

  • After a week and a half of snow days and us taking turns being sick, today is the first day that we are back to our normal schedule routine. It was nice.
  • We are supposed to have a big snow storm this weekend. I'm really hoping we get lots of snow for the sake of TnT. They've been wanting it to snow for weeks now. However, I hope it melts fast and that we don't have any more disruptions to our normal daily routine. It's rough trying to catch up
  • Hello Exhaustion! I think while Tillie was sick last week I got about 8 hours of sleep in 4 days. In addition to no sleep, having my thyroid super low didn't help me in the energy department. I have felt like I've been walking through mud until today.


Salsa Girls Weekend

I have a group of friends from college that are affectionately known as the Salsa Girls. We got that name because we would always gather in one of our dorm rooms and eat chips and salsa. Anyway, they were in town this weekend for a girls weekend. Aside from me fighting the major fatigue I was having, we had a blast!

Whiskey Cake
Salsa Night

Awesome Hubby Alert

This past weekend, a group of my girlfriends from college were in town so we had a girls weekend. None of them had seen the house yet (some of them live in other states) and with no sleep and taking care of sick kids, I left the house in somewhat a mess. I did as much as I could Friday before I left but it still looked pretty bad. JMac said he would take care of the rest and when we showed up Saturday the house was spotless. I was so impressed! He definitely wins Hubby of the year.


I made yet another Joss & Main purchase a couple weeks ago. This time I bought a rug and a mirror. I posted a picture of the rug on my Instagram account. Today the mirror came. I bought it for the mantle and I love it! If you haven't shopped Joss & Main for your home decor, you should definitely check them out!

My fireplace/mantle is still a work in progress d├ęcor wise.

Mantle Mirror

Etsy Shop 

My schedule has been filling up with custom orders for party printables lately. I've added some pre-designed invitations to my shop as well. Spring seems to be a busy time for baby showers, wedding showers and birthday parties so if you need an invite and/or other party printables, email me or check out my shop!

Blue-Sprinkle-Invite  Newsprint-Baby-Shower-Invit  Pink-Sprinkle-Invite

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