February 4, 2015

Valentine Gift Guide for Moms

These days I rarely buy anything for myself. I have more fun buying things (especially clothes) for my girls. However, every once in a while, I'll see something small that I'd like to have but still wouldn't buy it for myself.

How about chocolate? Ok, I'd buy this for myself but if you want to win me over, buy me caramel filled chocolate….and it must be the runny caramel. Not that stuff that sticks to your teeth (although I'd eat that too).

You can never go wrong with flowers but that's just my opinion. Oh what I wouldn't give to constantly have flowers in my house. It would just make my days that much brighter.

I know jewelry is kind of a cliché type of gift but almost all women wear it at some point or another. I'm not a big jewelry person (I have toddlers that still like to pull on any jewelry I wear) but I love a good stylish piece here and there.

Most mom's are coffee drinkers so how could you possibly go wrong with a fun coffee mug? She'd be sure to think of you any time she had her morning, afternoon and/or evening coffee in such a special mug.


Ghirardelli Chocolates
First Kiss Deluxe Bouquet
Jesus + Coffee Mug
Lacey Ryan Turquoise Arrowhead Necklace
Open Heart Knuckle Ring

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