February 2, 2015

Monthly Goals + January Update & New Goals

So I'm learning that I'm a little to ambitious in my goal setting. Apparently.

Some people question my inability to get things done. I tell them to spend a day with me and they'll find out. Honestly, right now, parenting these super active three year olds of mine takes up the majority of my days. But I'm going to keep making goals in hopes that one day, as we get closer to age 4, some things will become easier to accomplish.

Here's a recap and update of last month's goals.

  • Take down Christmas decorations – DONE!
  • No Spend Month – Ha! We actually did pretty good the 1st half of the month so we have a pretty good buffer.
  • Organize recipes – Hahahahaha! We'll try again next month.
  • Eat healthier – Working on it this month
  • Exercise at least twice a week – Hahahahahahahahahaha! Every time I got up early to work out, one of the girls woke up before I could even get my workout clothes on.
  • Plan at least one daily (weekdays) activity for the girls – Does homeschooling and a trip to the library each week count?
  • Finish one of the many books I've started – NOPE. Maybe someday.

Ok, so my goals for next month.


  • Work on organizing recipes
  • Schedule our days better (and stick to the to-do list!)
  • Eat healthier
  • Finish Organizing the playroom

Do you make monthly goals? I love to hear about them!

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  1. My goals will be on the blog tomorrow! Parenting my two takes up ALL of my day it seems!


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