February 1, 2015

Homeschool Preschool + Week 1

Well we've (almost) finished week 1 of our homeschool reboot. Friday I ran errands that went a little long thanks to my 3 year olds who say they like to go shopping but really just chase each other around the store(s) giggling & squealing and touching all the things. These two girls of mine sure know how to draw attention to themselves. People were staring everywhere we went…either in pity or disgust, I can never tell. There was also a pee accident and an illegal taste testing of produce (don't worry, I paid for it). I might have come home and curled up into a ball that evening. If there had been alcohol in our house, it probably would have been consumed before bed. Age three may kill me y'all.

Where was I……

Oh yes! Homeschooling.

We'll be making up the last day hopefully today.

Instead of trying to come up with my own lessons this time I decided to purchase a curriculum. I chose the Letter of the Week curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Trying to do anything with 2 three year olds is nearly impossible so taking one thing off my to do list, like not having to lesson plan, makes my life SO much easier.

This week we started with the Letter A.

I think their favorite part of day one was the Floor Numbers. Fortunately, this particular lesson is repeated throughout the curriculum because they need practice with numbers and counting.


More manipulatives on Day 2. They loved the magnet boards and the geoboards.


They also had fun trying to make the letter A with their bodies. I had to help a little, of course.


On Day 3 they worked with pattern blocks….


They did puzzles with color matching…


And worked on their fine motor skills with a letter collage.


They also enjoyed the movement lesson from Day 2 so much that they insisted on make a lower case 'a'.


The Day 4 favorite was the poking page. They spent a little extra time on this lesson. A little too much, I think. lol


These are the books we read this week:

  • Apples on Top by Dr. Seuss
  • Apples and Oranges: Going Bananas with Pairs by Sara Pinto
  • One Red Apple by Harriet Ziefert
  • Apples A to Z by Margaret McNamara

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