February 6, 2015

Five on Friday + Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces

Spring will (hopefully) be here soon so I've been brainstorming ideas on how to fix up our yard & outdoor spaces.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the tornado left us with a blank canvas. It's a little overwhelming but also a little exciting. We have two back porches, a fairly big covered front porch and a 50-foot covered porch on our metal storage building that I want to furnish and decorate. We also need to re-plant trees and of course, fill up our flower beds.

So here are five things I'd love to do to our property starting this Spring.


We don't really need any more sitting areas/patios but we have been thinking about adding a covered pergola at the back of our house, between our two back porches. We have a fire pit and think it would be the perfect place to put it. Maybe something like this…



Our storm shelter is now eight steps from our back door and sits up against one of the back porches and it's not pretty. I think doing something like this would make it look a little less like an eyesore.

Landscaping on and around the Storm Shelter. This would work for a root cellar entrance, too.


We have furniture for our two back porches but they need some more d├ęcor to make them feel a little more homey. I love the feel of this porch.

Back covered patio


Our Front Porch isn't quite this large but this one looks so comfortable and simple.



I'm most excited about doing something to our barn porch. I mean, 50 feet of space to decorate! How fun will that be?! This porch is the only one that gives a view of our entire "back yard" (I put that in quotes because we actually have 5 acres but we will be fencing off an area for the safety of the girls). So while the girls are playing, I'd like to be sitting on a porch that looks a little like this.

Set up for pole barn porch. LOVE THIS! The ceiling, the lights, the loungers!


  1. OHHHH.. I love the outdoor furniture and decor its so cute :) Can't wait to see what you pick
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  2. Those porch pictures are amazing! That is the one thing I've always wished our home has!



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