February 28, 2015

February in Review

This month was a pretty good month so I'm going to reflect back on some of my favorite posts.

We started out the month with a wonderful accomplishment by TnT.


Then I went in to dreaming about Spring and the projects we want to work on outside. I also started planning my Spring wardrobe.

We finally finished decorating another room in the house. We've had the theatre room done for a while now and this month we finished TnT's bedroom.


I did a tiny bit of organizing and organized our home maintenance cabinet and then I shared how I make my fail-safe to-do lists.


I wasn't that great about posting my weekly Homeschool updates (we are doing a lot of the same activities week after week) but I did post weeks #1 and #2. I also shared some of my favorite YouTube videos that I use in our Homeschooling.


Lastly, I've been consistently posting our weekly meal plans (with links to recipes). Some weeks are harder than others but I've managed to keep up! I hope to start posting more of my recipes this year.

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