January 13, 2015

Potty Training Update #3


Remember back in August when I announced that we were starting to Potty Train?

And then I posted this update back in November?

Well here I am with another update. Unfortunately, it's not a "We are Potty Trained!" update.

So just a little back story…..most of you know that JMac had surgery the week before Christmas. Then the week of Christmas, Tillie got sick and then the day after Christmas, I got sick. Then in true Tensley fashion (and by that I mean she has the. worst. timing), the Saturday after Christmas, she insisted demanded that she wear big girl panties. And of course Tillie has to do everything that sissy does.

So here we are, JMac is unable to walk, Tillie is sick, I'm sick (very sick) and taking care of EVERYONE and now I'm, once again, potty training. The last thing I wanted to do right then (or even now) was potty train. To me, potty training has been the worst form of parenting torture….like equivalent to waterboarding. Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but still. Torture.

We haven't turned back this time. Well, not all they way. After washing 24 pairs of panties every other day for a week, I instituted a 2 pair a day rule. They are allowed one accident and if they have a second accident, they go to pull-ups for the rest of the day. So one step forward and a half step back?

They are slowly starting to come around. We had one particularly bad day (after a very good day) and so I did what any mom at the end of her rope would do. I consulted Dr. Google. After a little bit of research (and cursing those who have had success within days and not months) I'm pretty sure the girls have what is called Potty Training Resistance. So I've backed off a little but am still encouraging them as much as possible but without making a huge deal of it. We are all more relaxed now and we are seeing more initiative from the girls but we're still not quite there.

Potty Training Update #3

Don't even get me started on poo. Having to clean that up is just about to make me ok with the idea of them wearing diapers….or depends to college.

To be continued………………………………………………………………………………


  1. Hannah was VERY resistant!!! We finally implemented just consistently working on it, and we made a huge deal of her doing something great. I tried my level best not get upset about accidents (and let me tell you, that was hard when she went almost all break with no accidents and we get back to school and she's having 3 a day...) and just in the last week does it finally seem to have clicked. Our biggest battle was pooping, and knock on wood, I think letting her play with my phone for about 20 minutes after dinner every night while she's sitting on the potty seems to have done the trick. We've been 5 days with no accidents what so ever. Hang in there mama!! It's not for the faint of heart AT ALL!!

    1. I have finally let it go and left it up to them and it seems to be working. Hopefully, I'll have a final potty training post soon!


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