January 8, 2015

Monthly Goal Setting


Instead of making yearly goals this year, I was inspired by Laura from EveryDayJoys to set goals each month. Honestly, I'm so ADD that I should probably set weekly goals but I'm going try out monthly goals then maybe I can break them down into weekly goals.

So without further adieu, here are my January goals:

  • Take down Christmas decorations
  • No Spend Month
  • Organize recipes
  • Eat healthier
  • Exercise at least twice a week
  • Plan at least one daily (weekdays) activity for the girls
  • Finish one of the many books I've started

If I hadn't gotten sick the day after Christmas, the d├ęcor would be down and packed away right now. I'm on the mend and am about 90% better so it's coming down soon!

We went a little spending crazy last month so we declared a no spend month for January to recoup some of the money we spent. Not to mention we have medical bills coming in from JMac's surgery.

I have a ton of loose recipes that need to be contained and organized into one location. I'm thinking I'll type them all up and put them in a binder or something.

Eating healthier and exercising are big on my list for this month. The eating part is going to be (and has been so far) a bit challenging since we are in a no spend month. Portion control is the key to this goal this month. My exercise goal shouldn't be too hard. We have a treadmill in our garage that I've already used twice (while I was sick, I might add!)

TnT have been going a little stir crazy since Christmas. I don't blame them since we have barely left the house in the past 3 weeks. So in order to try to contain some of the chaos they tend to create, I am trying to plan a little activity each day whether it be making treats or doing a craft.

Last year my goal was to read 5 books. I think I came close with 4.5 books. Reading is a luxury around here with said chaos mentioned above. In addition to those 4.5 books, I also started others. That could possibly be the reason I didn't make my goal. LOL! Anyway, I want to finish that 5th book this month.

I think these goals are pretty doable, don't you think? Have you set any goals for this year? Month? Week?

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