January 5, 2015

Looking Back

In working on my One Little Word and 2015 Goals post(s) I thought I should first reflect back on 2014. Overall 2014 wasn't a bad year.

The first part of the year we were still living in an apartment and I was anxiously waiting for the day we could move home. We pushed and pushed our builder to finish one time but didn't move in until a month after our initial completion date.

At the end of April we finally finished the rebuild of our house and moved back home.

06 08 14_7197

Our first celebration in our new home was in July when the girls turned 3!

07 05 14_9260

In August, after we got a little more settled, and a little over a year after closing up, I finally officially re-opened my Etsy shop.

2013 Shop Banner

Five months after being back home, we finally finished decorating a room, the theatre room. I hope to have more home tour posts this year.

09 19 14_8459-7

In November, my sister and I planned and pulled off Thanksgiving by ourselves for the first time. Sadly, I have no pictures to document the occasion. I hope to get better about that this year.

December, of course was a busy month for us. You can read about that here.

So that was our 2014. We had some tough moments, but overall it was good. Looking forward to an even better 2015!

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