January 23, 2015

Five on Friday + Random Thoughts

I can't believe it's Friday already!

JMac goes back to work on Monday! He's ready but not ready to go back. I think he's just ready to get away from the three crazy girls he lives with. Ha! His foot is healing well. He got a walking cast this week but still isn't allowed to walk on it for another two weeks.

For some reason, getting blog posts up at the end of the week is hard for me. I usually have posts planned but getting them done during the week? Practically impossible. It doesn't help that they usually require taking pictures which in turn means at least one room or at least corner of my house needs to be clean and tidy.

Something happened to my neck and upper back on Wednesday morning. I don't know what caused it but sometime during the night I went to roll over and something popped in my neck and my muscles tightened up from my neck down to my shoulder blades. It was so painful and I could not get comfortable. I managed to get up and get Tensley to speech and run a couple errands. When I got home, I got on the couch with the heating pad and a massager and didn't get up for the rest of the night. Yesterday the pain was gone but I was still very stiff/sore in my upper back.

I have the decorating/organizing bug right now. Bad timing seeing that we're in a no spend month. The good thing is, I'm getting a pretty good game plan together for what I want to do in the coming months.

These girls of mine are changing so much lately. Despite the trials of age 3 (and there are SO many) they really are fun to watch and the conversations are amazing and hysterical.


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  1. Your little girls are sooo cute :) Hope you had a great weekend
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com


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