December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Monday! Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving? We sure did. Alllll weekend!

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If you're a loyal reader, you probably noticed I didn't post a meal plan for this week. Well, that's because we had so many leftovers that we will probably be eating them all week! I'm gonna have to get a little creative with all that ham and turkey.

Saturday, I had my family back over for ham sliders using the leftover ham. Then we went to look at Christmas lights…but not before we all stopped at Starbucks because everyone knows you have to have hot coffee or hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights.

Santa Lights 2014
photo 5 (14)

Last night I made a turkey casserole using our leftover turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy. It was delicious! In hindsight though, it could have used a little more gravy.

Sorry about the horrible pic. Had I remembered that I was going to blog about it, I would have taken a much better picture. This was before it went into the oven.

photo 1 (84)

I think I'll also make a turkey pot pie (or two…one to freeze) this week and maybe try my hand at some turkey sliders. The little bit of ham that's left is screaming to be made into my Great Aunt Lydia's ham loaf. Time to hunt down that recipe! I hope I have it somewhere.

I'm pretty sure we'll be tired of turkey and ham by the end of this week. I may have to come up with something different for Christmas…..

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