December 30, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Holiday Home

I meant to post this earlier this month but I apparently took a little hiatus from the blog. But hey, it's still December so I'm squeezing it in. :)

2014  Christmas Home Tour

Since we lost every bit of our Christmas décor last year, I had to start over this year. It was overwhelming to say the least. What made it even harder was that we hosted 3 Christmas gatherings this year so I wanted everything to look festive without going overboard. I also kept in mind that we will probably be collecting things to add to the décor  in the years to come.

I think our formal area is my favorite. I love how simple yet elegant it looks. There's only a few things I'd like to add for next year.


Christmas-Formal-Area-Tree Christmas-Formal-Side-Table
Christmas-Formal-Area-PianoChristmas-Formal-Chalkboard Christmas-Formal-Deer-HeadChristmas-Formal-Dining Christmas-Formal-Dining-Tab

The family room is a little more whimsical. The tree in there is our main tree and it's where Santa leaves the presents so I wanted to create a fun look for the girls.

Christmas-Family-Rm-Be-Joll Christmas-Mantle-Detail Christmas-Mantle-Detail_2
12 15 14_9561-19 12 15 14_9562-20

Last but not least, we have the playroom. I used the tree and decorations we bought last year while we were living in the apartment. It's a small slim tree so it fit perfectly tucked into a corner of the playroom.

Christmas-Playroom-Gingerbr Christmas-Playroom-Tree-Det

I'm going to be a little sad about packing up the Christmas décor. Our house will look a little bare without it for a while since I am still working on our every day décor.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Be sure to come back next year to see what I've added through the year.

2014 Christmas Home Tour

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