November 5, 2014

Wednesday Randoms

I haven't done a randoms post in quite a while so here you go! :)

  • It's finally getting cooler around here which means I've started baking and cooking like it's my job! Oh wait, it kinda is. In addition to baking some yummy iced oatmeal cookies, I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and put it in the fridge for when we need a cookie fix. It was the best and worst idea I've had yet.

photo 3 (57)


  • I took the girls to a park by my mom's house on Monday. It was destroyed by the tornado and  they've recently re-built it bigger and better. Lots of things to climb. Little Miss Tensley was in climber's heaven. Unfortunately (for me) an hour of climbing was not enough for her.
photo 4 (32)


  • Miss Tillie was cracking me up the other night. She's so full of personality and the faces/expressions she makes when she's talking are hysterical.
photo 5 (14)


  • Now that we have a fireplace, I love turning it on (it's a vent-less gas fireplace) and working by the fire after everyone has gone to bed.
photo (69)


  • Since we are hosting Thanksgiving, I've started doing a little fall decorating. The Halloween banner still needs to come down. I hope to replace it soon! I'll do a post on my décor if I get it finished. I've also started buying Christmas décor here and there when I see it on sale. It's going to take me years to replace all that we lost!

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