November 6, 2014

Top 5 Most Used Cleaning Products

Now that we have a bigger house and a busier schedule, I struggle with finding time to clean. We're lucky if it's even all picked up at the same time. So when we moved back home, instead of buying tons of cleaning products, I decided to keep life simple and try to go a little more "green" with what I used to clean.

Top 5 Favorite Cleaning Products

Dish Wand – This has been a life saver. I do use one for dishes but my most favorite use for it is to clean the tubs and showers. Simply fill one with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and dawn and put it in the shower. When you're in the shower, take a minute or two to scrub down the walls and floor. No more harsh chemicals in my shower! I also use Method Daily Shower after every shower. Don't forget to spray the shower head and handles!

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop – We now have a lot of wood floors and they're dark so I'm constantly cleaning them. The flooring guys told me the only product I should be using on our wood floors are the Bona products. Thank goodness Bona has a simple, easy to use Floor Care System because I use it daily!

Steam Mop – If you want to torture me, give me a bucket and a mop and tell me to get to work. Seriously. I think I'd rather clean toilets than mop. However, since I bought my Shark 2 in 1 Electric Steam Pocket Mop, I don't hate it as much.

Method Granite Cleaner – This is my favorite product for granite.  I love how it makes my black pearl granite shine and it smellls soooo good! For my kitchen counters, I typically wipe down my counters first with a dish rag and then go back over them with the Method Granite Cleaner.

Wipes – I keep a stock of Clorox wipes for cleaning the outside of the toilets, wiping down toys and spot cleaning the tile floors.

So those are my most used cleaning products. They have all made cleaning a little less painful for me. Not to mention having so few cleaning products saves me money!


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