November 4, 2014

Potty Training Update

I just thought I'd post a little update on potty training.

Potty Training Update

Not a lot has happened since this post. The girls are pretty much the same in that if we make them go, they will go. They very rarely tell us when they need to go and so we are basically going through pull-ups like they grow on trees. I wish the money to pay for them grew on trees.

We've tried pretty much everything.

I did the timer thing and no matter how much time I set in between potty breaks, they still had accidents either right before or right after the potty break.

I tried putting them in panties. There were WAY to many #2 accidents for me to continue this method. Several pairs had to be thrown away and panties cost entirely too much (seriously, it's ridiculous) for me to be continuously throwing them away.

One day, I even tried with them running around with nothing at all. You should have seen the melt downs when I told them no diapers or panties. It was like the worst form of toddler torcher. I eventually gave in and put them in pull-ups.

Our pediatrician even gave them a talking to about going on the potty. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one they refuse to listen to….

They rarely care if they are wet or dirty. They are just too busy to care I guess.

Every time we have to change their pull-up, we "lecture" them about going on the potty. You'd think they'd eventually get tired of hearing us but man, these girls are stubborn!

Oh and a reward system? Yeah, total fail. The reward system doesn't work for anything really. They don't even care when we take toys away.

I'm seriously at a loss and am convinced they will be wearing pull-ups (or Depends) to college.

So basically, we're still on potty training mode and about 1/3 of my grocery budget goes toward buying pull-ups and/or diapers. I keep praying that someday soon something will just click with them because seriously, I'm done trying.

Did you have trouble potty training? Was there something that you did that finally clicked for them? Please share in the comments because I'm desperate!


  1. Sorry that you are having a rough time! What worked for us was a transitional period with absolutely no underwear and just pants for a few weeks. The pants alone are easier to remove when they need to go. and my son didn't like being in wet pants. There were accidents, but we just matter of factly cleaned them up. My son responded very well to stickers and stamps. so we placed a stamp or a sticker on his hand or arm when he went. We waited until he'd ask to go to the potty before beginning so we knew that he had motivation. If they aren't going to be motivated, its maybe not the right time, but the motivation came and went several times with my son, and due to me working full time, we waited until there was A. motivation, B. it had to happen on a weekend, C. couldn't be a holiday or visiting. Once all the pieces came together, we *only* used diapers for sleeping and never looked back (ask me how nervous I was the first time we went to the store without a diaper on him!) he was happily using the potty consistently within 2-3 days. Maybe try doing one of your girls at a time?

  2. I am having the same issue with one of mine and it's so frustrating! One totally trained herself within a week, even during naps and overnight- no accidents no pull ups just decided she was done with diapers. The other one is exactly like you described, doesn't care if wet/dirty and zero desire to train. We are at a loss too and she has to be trained by Jan 2nd to start preschool!! Let me know if you find something that works!

  3. I'm with you. I've got twin boys who just turned three at the end of October. We've been potty training since JANUARY. I'm at a loss as well and have tried EVERYTHING.



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