October 15, 2014

The Bouqs Co. | Product Review

Have you seen The Bouqs Co. from Shark Tank? It's a flower delivery company that sells and ships beautiful flowers from "The Farm" (eco-friendly and sustainable farms).

When I was asked if I would be willing to do a review I thought, "Beautiful flowers sent straight to my door? Heck yeah!

The Bouqs Co. has three price points that start at $40…Original, Deluxe or Grand. For $40 you can get a dozen or so flowers (it varies with the flowers) if you order the Original. You can even double or triple your order for not much more!

Even better, The Bouqs Co. has concierge services that will allow you to send flowers at scheduled times, certain special events or just because. They will even remind you via email. How cool is that?!

The ordering process was simple. Since we are now into the Fall season (sort of…we just cooled off into the 70's here) I decided to order the "Dawn" bouquet. I was just drawn to the orange pink color of these roses! Within 5 minutes I had placed my order and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my flowers. Because I ordered flowers from the Volcano Collection it took approximately one week to get my flowers (if you want/need  them sooner, order from the California collection).

I was home the day the flowers were delivered so you better believe I was waiting at the door to snatch the box out of the Fedex delivery guy's hands!

The packaging was pretty but I didn't hesitate to open that box to see my flowers!

Just Wait til You have Kids | The Bouqs Company Product Review

I was impressed with the way they packaged up the flowers. They were well protected from possible damage during shipping.

Just Wait til You have Kids | The Bouqs Product Review

Now I'm no floral arranger but I did the best I could. The flowers were full and the color was magnificent! They look good in my turquoise pitcher.

photo 1 (83)

Aren't they pretty? I think they would have looked even better if I had followed the instructions and removed the guard petals but I was too excited and totally overlooked that part!

Just Wait til You have Kids | The Bouqs Product Review

Just Wait til You have Kids | The Bouqs Product Review

I will say that after a couple of days, I had to remove one of the flowers as it was turning green and mushy but the rest of the flowers were still doing good.

If you order now, select Bouqs come with a surprise $5, $10, or $15 store credit!

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