October 3, 2014

Halloween Banner Freebie & Tutorial

Halloween Banner Freebie & Tutorial
Yay! It's finally October! Last night we had a cold front come through and it was the first time it felt like fall.
I have some fall stuff planned for the blog and the shop but first, let's talk about Halloween, shall we?
How about a freebie? You can get the black and white Halloween banner HERE.
Now let's doll it up a bit.
Here's what you need:
Halloween Banner Tutorial
Step 1:  Cut, Glue and Cut
Using a paper trimmer and/or scissors, cut out the banner pieces and glue them to cardstock (as pictured) leaving enough room on the edges to create a mat for each piece.
Halloween Banner 3

Then, using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut the cardstock into three pieces. Start with the single banner piece first allowing about 1/4 of an inch for the matting. Then cut the side by side banner pieces.
Halloween Banner 4
Your pieces should look like this. Make sure to leave enough excess at the bottom of each piece to allow for the points. Using your scissors, trim the bottom of each flag again leaving about 1/4 of an inch for the matting.
Halloween Banner 5
Step 2:  Punch Holes
Now that all your banner pieces are matted and cut, punch holes in the upper corners of the banner pieces. Don't worry about them being perfectly lined up, just eyeball it…that's the beauty of DIY. :)
Halloween Banner 6
Step 3:  String and embellish
Using your twine, string the banner pieces together leaving enough excess to separate the words and to hang.
Halloween banner 7
Then add your ribbon. I just added ribbon and tulle at the beginning and end of each word.
Halloween Banner Mantle 2

Step 4:  Hang Banner
I normally use command hooks and a slip knot to hang my banners but I didn't have any command hooks so I just taped it up.
Halloween Banner Mantle
Halloween Banner 8 Halloween Banner 9
Halloween Banner Mantle 1

The Trick or Treat Print is available in my shop. An orange and black polka dot version is also available.
Send me pictures of your banner if you make one yourself!

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