October 28, 2014

Confessions of a Twin Mom

Confessions of a Twin Mom

Being a mom of twins is not always easy. In fact, challenges come up almost daily. I believe it also requires a lot of flexibility. Parenting two totally different personalities going through the same developmental stages at the same time is harder than you might think. I always laugh (under my breath, of course) when people tell me how they always wanted twins. Don't get me wrong, it is such a special thing and I am so thankful and blessed to have my girls but man, sometimes it's just hard.

Here are some things I do occasionally just to make day(s) go smoother and for me to keep my sanity.

Confession #1:

I use the TV to break the tension. Yes, I know some will judge me for this but sometimes when the girls are out of control, fighting and getting into EVERYTHING the only thing that will get them to calm down is turning on the TV. I can turn on an educational cartoon (Daniel Tiger is our current favorite) and all is peaceful in our house.

Confession #2:

I sometimes avoid making eye contact with people in public just to avoid the "twin" questions. I actually usually don't mind stopping and answering the same old questions but sometimes we just have too much to do and simply don't have the time to stop and chit chat. I have found that if I just avoid eye contact, I don't get stopped {as much}.

Confession #3:

At almost 3.5 years old, we are still not potty trained. To be honest, I have never really pushed the issue. The thought of potty training TWO at the same time was/is just overwhelming to me. Not to mention I HATE cleaning up messes. With that said, they will go on the potty sometimes if we force them too and sometimes on their own but they will not go consistently. I feel like I have tried everything so I'm just letting it go and if they are still wearing diapers when they go to college, I'll just tell them, "I told you so" when they come crying to me because their peers make fun of them.

Confession #4:

I have done everything in my power to make them self sufficient. I don't get to sit down and just relax as it is so if I did everything for them, I'd probably never get any sleep! If there's ever anything they want/need, I have taught them (as long as they are capable) to do things for themselves. With the exception of potty training, they can pretty much dress themselves, pick up after themselves, clean off the table, empty the dishwasher, sweep, vacuum and a few other things. Sometimes they whine about it but I never give in. If they want something, they have to do/get it for themselves. I don't feel like I'm robbing them of their childhood for this. They have plenty of time to play and just be kids.

Confession #5:

We don't have a strict schedule and we never really have. We have definitely had a routine, but the only schedule we ever implemented was for the first couple of months we kept them on the feeding schedule that the NICU started. I never wanted my children to dictate the things we do or wanted to do. When we go, they go. Because of this, I strongly believe it is why they mostly behave in public and I don't feel that I've harmed them in anyway by not following a schedule.

So there you have it, my dirty little twin mom secrets. What parenting tricks do you use to make your life easier? Share below in the comments and let's discuss!

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