September 28, 2014

This Week's Meal Plan

The price of groceries are going up.

The cost of meat is shocking. Produce is high too.

Our budget isn't able to change with the rising prices either so I'm having to get thrifty.

I sort of stopped couponing. I was getting good deals but still had to buy other groceries (that I didn't have coupons for) so I ended up going over budget every month. We also only have one grocery store chain in town that doubles coupons but they keep changing their policy so it's hard to keep up. We won't even discuss how hard it is to run around to all the stores with the twin tornados. With that said, I may have to get back to it…maybe find a new approach.

Anyway, our meals are getting more and more simple. I planned this week's meals using as much of the stuff we already had on hand. My grocery list ended up being meat and basics like milk and coffee. I still ended up spending almost half of our budget for the week. It's so frustrating.

Sept 28-Oct 4 Meal Plan

On Thursdays we have been having tacos for dinner. They are on sale for $0.49 on Thursdays so I can feed my family for $5 or less!

So how do you feel about the rising prices on groceries? Got any thrifty advice for the rest of us?

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