September 7, 2014

Our Weekly Meal Plan

We are starting a CA-RA-ZY schedule this week so I became an overachiever and planned every meal for this week.

TnT (ok, mainly one of the T's) is so picky and they never can tell me what they want to eat for breakfast and lunch so I've planned those meals for them. If they don't eat, they have to wait until the next meal time.

I just need this week to go smoothly. :)

You're going to see carry over meals from last week because we had a couple of days where I changed up the menu. With the nasty cold I've had, I had a craving for some spicy Taco soup so we had that on Saturday and we ended up having leftovers today.

Sept 7-13 Meal Plan

Here is the girls' Breakfast and Lunch menu for the week;

Monday Breakfast – Eggo Wafflers
Monday Lunch – Turkey Sandwiches / Watermelon

Tuesday Breakfast – Cereal
Tuesday Lunch – PB&J / Carrot Sticks

Wednesday Breakfast – Strawberry Banana Smoothies
Wednesday Lunch – Chicken Nuggets / Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday Breakfast – Pancakes & Bacon
Thursday Lunch – Grilled Cheese / Strawberries

Friday Breakfast – Blueberry Muffins
Friday Lunch – Mini Pizzas / Peaches

I could really use some simple ideas for their meals since they are so picky. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below!


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