September 2, 2014

Our Journey to Homeschool

Deciding to Homeschool

From the time we got engaged I told JMac that I wanted to homeschool our children. Even when the girls were born, I still had it in my mind that I was going to homeschool.

Fast forward to age 2.5….

I wasn't so sure I had the patience to homeschool my children. There have been some hard days in the past year. Enough of them that made me second guess my decision to homeschool. Those hard days have included typical toddler behavior and some not so typical…and not a lot of patience from me.

I crave alone time. I need it to help keep me sane. But it's a rare commodity in my world.

So I began to research MDO and preschool options. I found anywhere from one-day-a-week to every day 3 year old preschools in our area. Every day preschool sounded like heaven to me! Five whole days a week of alone time? Are you kidding me? I could get SO. MUCH. DONE.

And then I started making the phone calls.

Sending two kids to preschool is not cheap, y'all. Even the one day a week option (for two children) would be a stretch for us.

And then we had to buy a car.

And we now have speech two mornings a week.

So while I've been doubting whether or not I would have the patience to homeschool (I think the rest of my family still doubts me a little), I've been praying about it and have come to terms with the fact that it's apparently God's plan for us…just as it's always been my plan to homeschool.

We will, of course, re-evaluate each year to determine what we think will be best for our girls.

I'm excited about teaching my girls! We will be using this curriculum to start. Depending how the girls do and how long their patience levels hold, I may start adding in some other lessons. When I get our schedule figured out, I may do a post on it.

Also, I've been working on getting our homeschool space ready so be watching for a post on that. Maybe this week!



How about you? Are you wrestling with the decision to homeschool? Do you homeschool? Let's discuss in the comments!

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