September 4, 2014

Our Homeschool Space

Our Homeschool Space

When we re-built our house, I knew the new craft room would possibly be used for our homeschool room should we decide to homeschool. With our decision to homeschool this year I really had to kick it into high gear to get it ready for school.

I began unpacking my boxes from my old craft room a couple of months ago. (I wanted all of that unpacked before I started on the homeschool part.) I started hauling one box at a time up the stairs to unpack but it was going slowly (especially trying to unpack with the twin tornadoes under foot) so I scheduled a Saturday for JMac to keep the girls busy while I worked by butt off hauling stuff from the barn up to the craft/homeschool room on a 90+ degree day.

Once the unpacking was done, I began searching for desks. I initially wanted some vintage school desks but it was really hard finding two just alike. Ultimately, we decided to get desks the girls could grow into and could use later in their bedroom(s). I'm very happy with our decision.

09 04 14_8443-3

Our little space is pretty simple but it's really all we need right now.

When I was the teacher's pet in school I had some mad bulletin board skills. I think those skills went away because this one needs a little help.

09 04 14_8449-5

I made the girls their own binders for their school work. I thought it would be neat for them to have something they can look back on.

09 04 14_8451-5

As the space evolves (as I'm sure it will), I post more pictures.

09 04 14_8444-3

But for now, this is it.

09 04 14_8439-1

We start class this coming Monday.

Homeschooling here we come!


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