September 29, 2014

How to get Your Busy Toddlers to Eat

Muffin Tin-Get Your Toddlers to Eat
The girls are at the age where it's hard to get them to slow down enough to stop and eat a full meal. Along with that has come some frustration on our part because come bed time, they tell us they're hungry. They are also at the age where they try to delay bedtime so we never know if they are truly hungry or just delaying the inevitable.
Now I know the muffin tin meal idea is not a new thing.  I had never tried it because I just thought it was a fun way to serve your child(ren)'s food to get you cool mom points with other moms. Then one day, out of desperation to get my children's bellies full, I decided to try it.
Muffin Tin Meal-Lunch Snacks
The girls loved it and had fun emptying each section and crumpling up the liners to throw in the trash. They went on and on about how good the food was and said, "this is fun!"
I have to admit though, finding a variety of foods small enough to fit in the tins can prove to be challenging. I started off with simple and healthy snack type foods. Eventually they started asking for sandwiches so I used cookie cutters for sandwiches and that has worked well. I have also cut up them up into strips.
Muffin Tin Meal-PB&J
As with anything, the fun-ness of it tends to wear off so I have backed off of serving their food this way for every meal. I might do it once every other day or so. It just depends on what type of foods I decide to serve that day.
So what I learned from this is that if you want to get your toddler/preschooler to eat more/better, just try serving their food in new ways. Don't worry about going out and spending a lot of money on fancy containers and gadgets. In all honesty, your children don't really care about that stuff.  All you need to do is change up they way you serve their food every once in a while. Grab a special or new to them plate or bowl and I promise they will be excited about eating.
Muffin Tin Meal-Quesadillas
How do you get your children to eat? I'd love to add some ideas to my list!


  1. My 13 yr old still eats sprinkle and peanut butter sandwiches. She got her brother hooked too when he was little.

    1. Sprinkles make everything more appealing. I should start using them more!


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