September 19, 2014

Home Tour: Theatre Room

I think the theatre room is officially the first room that is ready for a tour! To be totally honest, it has been the easiest one to furnish and decorate.

09 19 14_8453-1

Since our "new" (post tornado) house has basically the same footprint as the "old" (pre-tornado)house, I thought it would be fun to show you what the theatre room/man cave looked like before.

 Loft 00009Loft 00010 Loft 00011

And here's the new and improved version! (Just FYI, it's hard photographing a room with no natural light and two different kinds of lighting!)

09 19 14_8456-4

09 19 14_8459-7

09 19 14_8472-17

We ordered posters of each of our favorite movies to personalize the space.

09 19 14_8455-3

09 19 14_8461-9

09 19 14_8460-8

Our bar area was relocated to accommodate a second row of theatre chairs. It just made more sense this way.

09 19 14_8457-5

09 19 14_8463-10

We added a little nook  across from the sink to house a mini fridge, microwave and shelving for components. I like that it's tucked away because the movies on those shelves? They're usually not that organized. Also, I need to move the rest of the movies up there.

09 19 14_8464-11

Just some of the small details….

09 19 14_8466-12 09 19 14_8467-1309 19 14_8468-14 09 19 14_8469-15

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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