September 10, 2014

A Marble Tile Mishap and How We Fixed It

We had only been in the house for 12 days before our first major oopsie when it comes to household maintenance.

Just Wait til You have Kids | Usin a poultice to clean marble

As you can see in the picture above, our backsplash is marble subway tile. I knew very little about marble but I did know that it was porous and that in a practical sense, it's not recommended for kitchens. I didn't care. It was pretty and that's what I wanted so that's what I got!

The morning I walked into the kitchen and found the numerous grease spots on the backsplash above our cooktop, I nearly had a full on panic attack. I made sweet & sour chicken for dinner the night before and if you've ever made sweet & sour chicken, you know that you have to brown the chicken.

I thought we were very careful and didn't even think about the grease splattering on the backsplash. But I was exhausted from the previous 11 days of unpacking so I'm sure I didn't pay attention to a lot of things. ()

Anyway, I immediately texted JMac a picture (the grease spots really didn't show up very well in the picture) along with a very panicky text. Then we both began researching methods to hopefully undo my horrible mistake. He came home that day with a sack full of products used for marble. I had found a method of using a poultice of flour, water and a marble cleaner. We tried a few cleaners with our poultice and nothing seemed to work.

Poultice for Marble Mishaps

Finally, I decided hey, let's just keep it simple and try a poultice without a cleaner mixed in. So we made the poultice mixture one more time but this time, we did not add any cleaners. We just used plain old flour and water. We slathered that stuff all over the backsplash and waited overnight for it to dry.

Poultice Clean Up

The next morning I was so scared to scrape the poultice off the backsplash but I grabbed my Pampered Chef pizza stone scraper and got to work. Much to my surprise it had worked! My once beautiful marble backsplash was restored!

05 03 14_7472

We swore we'd seal the marble once we got it all cleaned up but to this day (4 months later) we still have not sealed it.

Ok so here's step by step instructions should you ever find yourself in this situation.

To make a Poultice:

  • Mix flour and water to make a paste like texture. It needs to be thick enough that it won't move or slide down (if on a wall).
  • Slather the mixture on the "stains". You will need to make sure the "stains" are completely covered
  • Let sit long enough to dry (we put the poultice on in the evening and let it sit overnight).
  • Gently scrape off dried poultice with a plastic scraper or a razor blade.
  • If stains are gone, wipe down well using hot soapy water.
  • Seal your marble! (Do as I say, not as I do. lol)


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