August 20, 2014

We are officially potty training!

We had been talking to the girls for months about going on the potty. I bought them a Minnie Mouse potty that annoyingly shouted "Hip, Hip Hooray" when you pushed on the little lever. We had the girls sit on it a few times but they didn't really get it. Tensley was a little interested but not enough to really try. Tillie would sit on it but had absolutely no interest.

That was all when we were in the apartment.

Now let's fast forward to after we moved into our house…

We still had the Minnie Mouse potty. Their only interest in it continued to be pushing the lever (to annoy me, I'm sure) and using it as a step stool.

We played the Elmo potty video for them on repeat, we read potty books, we talked and talked and talked……and talked about going on the potty. When they complained about having a "wet, wet" diaper or, you know, the other kind of diaper, we would tell them if they went on the potty they wouldn't have to deal with the discomfort.

It went in one ear and out the other (and still does).

A couple of months ago, Tens demanded to go on the big potty when I walked into the bathroom. And she went! Since then she has gone on and off but the biggest struggle is getting her to tell us when she needs to go.

Tillie still had absolutely no interest, especially in sitting on the big potty. In fact, if I tried to coax her into the bathroom she would literally grab the door jam to keep from going in there.

I finally decided to buy a seat that goes on a regular toilet. The Minnie Mouse potty had a removeable seat but it is too small for any toilet . I ended up buying this one and the girls LOVE it! The Minnie Mouse potty is now being used as a step stool/foot rest. ;)

Anyway, once  I bought the seat for the big potty, Tillie decided she would try. It took her a while but one night before bed she exclaimed that she needed to go potty. We thought it was a tactic to delay bed time but when we took her she actually went! For the first time she went on the potty! She was so excited she ran up and down the hall singing, "I'm gonna pee pee on da potty ah da time!" That's not happening but she, like her sister, will go off and on but won't tell us when she needs to go.

So, here we are, a million diapers and a couple hundred pull-ups later and I'm done. I'm SO done. And the girls are ready. They really are. I think they just need a little push.

Today, we are starting potty training boot camp. I am putting them in big girl panties, covering all of our nice new furniture with waterproof mattress covers, using the ol' timer and get these girls potty trained!

To hopefully aid in this process, I designed each of them their very own princess potty charts.

Potty Charts WM

These are available in my shop, if you'd like one for yourself. It looks like I'll be adding charts for boys soon!

I'll keep you posted on how this goes!



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