August 14, 2014

Pacis and Potty Training

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I want to preface this by saying that I have been blessed with how well the girls have handled transitions. Bottle to sippy cup, crib to toddler bed, toddler bed to big girl bed, etc have all been pretty easy for us. I am a strong believer in waiting until your child is ready. You, as a parent, know you're child better than anyone so don't listen to everyone else when they tell you it's time to make a transition.

Now let's talk about the end of the pacis in our house.

I never wanted the girls to have pacifiers but when they went to the NICU, my wants went out the window. I understand why they gave them to the girls. I still didn't like them having them but I understood. They needed something to help soothe them since I was unable to be with them (due to recovery and 2 blood transfusions) or nurse them. After a week in the NICU, we all became dependent on them. Especially once we were all home.

We wanted to start weaning them off the pacis last year but then we lost our home to a tornado so it got put on the back burner. I just couldn't take away their source of comfort after being displaced due to such a horrific event.

Even though we were dependent on them, I've always hated them. Every night, we would have to turn the house (or apartment) upside down looking for pacis. It was frustrating.

In the past few months they had started chewing holes in them. We would throw them away as we discovered the cuts/holes and told them that once they were gone, that was it.

Three weeks ago, we were down to the last two pacis and one was MIA. After the frustration of looking for it, JMac decided we were DONE with pacis so the next night when they asked for them we told them they were all broken. They fussed a bit but went to sleep pretty easily. The next night they asked again for their pacis and we, again, told them they were broken and had to be thrown away. I think there was an "oh man!" but that was it.

So we are done with pacis! (We've had a little trouble with bed time since then, but neither one has asked for a paci).

On potty training……..

We have been talking about potty training for months and they seemed somewhat interested but not enough to do anything about it.

We bought a potty and the Elmo Potty dvd. They were interested in "flushing" the potty (it say's, "Hip, Hip Hooray!") but not really sitting on it.

Tensley got pretty interested and will go on the potty if I take her but she won't tell me when she needs to go.

Tillie would grab the door jam when I tried to take her so I gave up. In the past week, however, she finally went on the potty and was so excited. After that first time she ran up and down the hall singing, "I'm gonna go on the potty all the time!" That hasn't been the case. She also will go if I ask her but she won't tell me when she needs to go.

Since I've been kid sitting my niece and nephew this summer, I decided to wait until they were back at school to do Potty Training Boot Camp with the girls. I was kinda hoping that they would have potty trained themselves before then but it's not looking too promising. We'll see.

Stay tuned……


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  1. Paci's with Kenley will be the death of me. I swear.


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