July 9, 2014

Three weeks of silence

Has it really been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged?? Actually, I'm not surprised. If I haven't been dealing with the now threenagers I've been too exhausted to sit at my computer and blog. I also have been having trouble putting words together to make complete sentences….even when I speak! So blogging has definitely not been a task I should be attempting.

So just to give you a quick run down of what has gone down the past three weeks…..

  • I rushed to get some of the house furnished and decorated before the girls' birthday party. We almost got the main rooms done. We just need to add some details here and there.

  • The girls' 3rd "UP" birthday party was a huge success. I promise I'll have a post up with all the details soon.

  • In my spare time (yeah right, what's that?) I've been working on custom printable parties and some new things to add to my etsy shop. I'm determined to get my little business going…if I could just get the toddlers to cooperate. Too bad I can't have a nanny and a cleaning lady.

  • So it doesn't sound like I've been doing much but believe me when I tell you, those tasks were not easy to tackle with busy toddlers. In order to survive (I'm hanging on by a thread), I've been drinking lots of coffee and getting not much sleep.

If anyone is still reading my blog, I'm hoping to have some posts up soon so please don't give up on me just yet. ;)



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