July 22, 2014

The Schedule

Last week I posted this schedule on Instagram.

The Schedule

I came up with the schedule after talking with JMac about how much having 4 kids (2 times a week) in the house can sometimes make me crazy. They have so much fun together but it get's very loud and sometimes they forget ALL. THE. RULES.

Many asked how the schedule went.

Well, I posted the schedule in plain site for the kids (ages range from 9 to 3) to see. (I still need to find some pictures to go along with the schedule so my girls can "read" it). The kids LOVED it. They told me they really liked having things to do and knowing what was coming up.

Here they are after they did their craft for the day.

The Craft - Binoculars
The Craft Pose

Unfortunately, due to lack of sleep (for me), I failed to come up with a schedule for the next time I had all the kids and the day did not go near as smoothly as that first day. You better believe I came up with a schedule for this week! I kept the same basic schedule and just changed up the craft and the meals and I specified an activity for one of the Free Play time slots.

If it continues to work well, I'll be carrying it over for the girls on days when we're not running errands. However, there may not be as much Free Play for them as they tend to get in trouble when they have too much unstructured time.


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