July 21, 2014

The Birthday Post

So….the girls turned 3 a couple weeks ago. THREE! I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

Anyway, I decided to go a little more simple this year and go with an UP theme. What can be more simple than a bunch of balloons, right?

07 05 14_8377-1

I, of course, designed their birthday banner. However, I slacked a little on the rest of the party printables.

07 05 14_8380-2

07 05 14_8432-12

We had all the girls' favorite foods…chicken nuggets, chips & dip, broccoli salad (ok, broccoli salad is NOT the girls' favorite), popcorn, cookies with sprinkles and cupcakes!

07 05 14_8387-6

07 05 14_8386-507 05 14_8391-8

07 05 14_8394-11

07 05 14_8393-10

There were party favors but I didn't get a picture. Photographer fail (I was the photographer). The littles each left with a bag that included a chocolate bar, a coloring sheet of the UP house, crayons and an Adventure Book.

The girls had a blast though. I think we had more kids at this party than we've had in the past years.

07 05 14_8392-9

07 05 14_8384-3 07 05 14_8385-4

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