July 30, 2014

I'm So Tired

So I'm curious….those of you with toddlers….do you struggle to stay awake through the day but the second your tiny little terror(s) go to bed (and stay in bed) do you suddenly wake up?

I'm So Tired

Yeah, me neither. Cough. Cough. Because I'm totally not writing this post at 1:30 am. And I'm absolutely not sitting here munching on Reece's Pieces while watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix while I work on getting things together for the re-opening of my shop.

I think it's the quiet that wakes me up. I know that sounds weird but with two 3-year olds running through the house, climbing all the things and swinging from the chandelier (I wish I were kidding on that last one), the quiet after they go to bed is pure bliss and the only time I can put coherent thoughts together to be any kind of creative or productive.

Side note: productive in this context does not mean my house gets cleaned or the laundry gets done. I am trying to be a work at home mom (if you have any tips please share) so the laundry is almost always piled up and you'll often find lots of dust on errr-thing.

By the time we get the girls in bed…and get them to stay in bed, it's usually 9pm or later so if I want to get any work done, I have to stay up late. Late usually means 2am or later. It's not an ideal situation but right now I really don't have any other choice.

I know there will be a day that I will miss these days so I try to take them in as much as I can. Some days it's just feels like it's more than I can take. But the next day comes and it's not so bad. So I carry on, sleep deprived and drinking all the coffee. I'll sleep when I'm dead, right? ;)


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