July 30, 2014

I'm So Tired

So I'm curious….those of you with toddlers….do you struggle to stay awake through the day but the second your tiny little terror(s) go to bed (and stay in bed) do you suddenly wake up?

I'm So Tired

Yeah, me neither. Cough. Cough. Because I'm totally not writing this post at 1:30 am. And I'm absolutely not sitting here munching on Reece's Pieces while watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix while I work on getting things together for the re-opening of my shop.

I think it's the quiet that wakes me up. I know that sounds weird but with two 3-year olds running through the house, climbing all the things and swinging from the chandelier (I wish I were kidding on that last one), the quiet after they go to bed is pure bliss and the only time I can put coherent thoughts together to be any kind of creative or productive.

Side note: productive in this context does not mean my house gets cleaned or the laundry gets done. I am trying to be a work at home mom (if you have any tips please share) so the laundry is almost always piled up and you'll often find lots of dust on errr-thing.

By the time we get the girls in bed…and get them to stay in bed, it's usually 9pm or later so if I want to get any work done, I have to stay up late. Late usually means 2am or later. It's not an ideal situation but right now I really don't have any other choice.

I know there will be a day that I will miss these days so I try to take them in as much as I can. Some days it's just feels like it's more than I can take. But the next day comes and it's not so bad. So I carry on, sleep deprived and drinking all the coffee. I'll sleep when I'm dead, right? ;)


July 28, 2014

An Exciting Announcement!

2014 Grand Re-Opening

I am excited to announce that after over a year of being on hiatus I am officially re-opening my Etsy Shop!

I have lots of fun things planned for the shop along with new products such as Printable Wall Art, Stationary, complete Printable Party Packages and more!

To celebrate, I will be doing a giveaway the day of the Grand Re-Opening so come back here THIS Friday for details!

Hope to see you then!


July 24, 2014

A New Obsession

Lately, I have been wanting us to eat a little better but it hasn't really happened because it just seems overwhelming. I know that sounds silly but it's true. It's so much easier to open a box or throw together a meal that I've made a million times.

However, I have recently become addicted to these Stonyfield yogurt smoothies.

photo (60)

They have been really hard to find. I found them originally at Sam's Club but when I went to restock they didn't have them. :(  To get my fix, I ended up having to drive to Whole Foods, which is about 20 miles away!

So, Stonyfield, if you happen to miraculously read this post, I need more smoothies, please!!!


July 22, 2014

The Schedule

Last week I posted this schedule on Instagram.

The Schedule

I came up with the schedule after talking with JMac about how much having 4 kids (2 times a week) in the house can sometimes make me crazy. They have so much fun together but it get's very loud and sometimes they forget ALL. THE. RULES.

Many asked how the schedule went.

Well, I posted the schedule in plain site for the kids (ages range from 9 to 3) to see. (I still need to find some pictures to go along with the schedule so my girls can "read" it). The kids LOVED it. They told me they really liked having things to do and knowing what was coming up.

Here they are after they did their craft for the day.

The Craft - Binoculars
The Craft Pose

Unfortunately, due to lack of sleep (for me), I failed to come up with a schedule for the next time I had all the kids and the day did not go near as smoothly as that first day. You better believe I came up with a schedule for this week! I kept the same basic schedule and just changed up the craft and the meals and I specified an activity for one of the Free Play time slots.

If it continues to work well, I'll be carrying it over for the girls on days when we're not running errands. However, there may not be as much Free Play for them as they tend to get in trouble when they have too much unstructured time.


July 21, 2014

The Birthday Post

So….the girls turned 3 a couple weeks ago. THREE! I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

Anyway, I decided to go a little more simple this year and go with an UP theme. What can be more simple than a bunch of balloons, right?

07 05 14_8377-1

I, of course, designed their birthday banner. However, I slacked a little on the rest of the party printables.

07 05 14_8380-2

07 05 14_8432-12

We had all the girls' favorite foods…chicken nuggets, chips & dip, broccoli salad (ok, broccoli salad is NOT the girls' favorite), popcorn, cookies with sprinkles and cupcakes!

07 05 14_8387-6

07 05 14_8386-507 05 14_8391-8

07 05 14_8394-11

07 05 14_8393-10

There were party favors but I didn't get a picture. Photographer fail (I was the photographer). The littles each left with a bag that included a chocolate bar, a coloring sheet of the UP house, crayons and an Adventure Book.

The girls had a blast though. I think we had more kids at this party than we've had in the past years.

07 05 14_8392-9

07 05 14_8384-3 07 05 14_8385-4

July 9, 2014

Three weeks of silence

Has it really been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged?? Actually, I'm not surprised. If I haven't been dealing with the now threenagers I've been too exhausted to sit at my computer and blog. I also have been having trouble putting words together to make complete sentences….even when I speak! So blogging has definitely not been a task I should be attempting.

So just to give you a quick run down of what has gone down the past three weeks…..

  • I rushed to get some of the house furnished and decorated before the girls' birthday party. We almost got the main rooms done. We just need to add some details here and there.

  • The girls' 3rd "UP" birthday party was a huge success. I promise I'll have a post up with all the details soon.

  • In my spare time (yeah right, what's that?) I've been working on custom printable parties and some new things to add to my etsy shop. I'm determined to get my little business going…if I could just get the toddlers to cooperate. Too bad I can't have a nanny and a cleaning lady.

  • So it doesn't sound like I've been doing much but believe me when I tell you, those tasks were not easy to tackle with busy toddlers. In order to survive (I'm hanging on by a thread), I've been drinking lots of coffee and getting not much sleep.

If anyone is still reading my blog, I'm hoping to have some posts up soon so please don't give up on me just yet. ;)



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