June 18, 2014

Wednesday Randoms

This week has been a good one so far. I was able to get lots of laundry done, I unpacked a couple of boxes and worked on designs for the shop.

I've been wanting to do a re-launch of my shop and gosh darn it, this time I'm going to get it done! Ever since the girls were born, I've struggled with finding the time to work. Also, here recently, for some reason, have been requiring more sleep than usual so staying up late has not been much of an option. Waking up earlier than the girls hasn't worked either because when I do, they wake up shortly after. Even when I'm being as quiet as a mouse. Anyway, I think I figured out a good work schedule that allows me to balance work and family. Let's hope my little tornados cooperate so I can stick to it.

We JMac did a little DIY this weekend. We bought this dresser for the family room. I didn't care too much for the stained top and drawers so we decided to go all white and replace the handles. I really like how it turned out!

06 02 14_7277
06 15 14_7114


Speaking of the family room…I also got the curtains I ordered for our big windows. I couldn't find any long enough locally so I had to order them online. I ended up ordering these in Aqua from Bed Bath & Beyond. I loved the grommet detail on them!

06 10 14_7162

I have less than 3 weeks to get TnT's party planned. Yikes! The theme is going to be UP. I figured it would be easy…just decorate with a ton of balloons. :) I got the invitations designed, printed and addressed this weekend. Here's the sneak peek of the invite that I posted on Instagram this weekend.

UP Invitation Back 


How has your week been so far?


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