June 4, 2014

Wednesday Randoms

Hello Wednesday. You snuck up on me this week.

It's been really humid in our house since we moved in so we've turned down the thermostat to try to bring the humidity down. Because of this, it's a little chilly in here….especially in the laundry room. Since my "office" is in the laundry room, I spend most of my days in here either working or doing laundry (blech!) and I freeze! I think this room is the coldest one in the whole house! Right now it's in the 90's outside and here I am wearning fleece lounge pants and a hoodie. Obviously, I'm not doing laundry. Maybe I should fold that pile of towels on the folding counter to warm up…..or not. Ha!

photo (60)

Our dining room got moved to the family room last night. Our wood floors are supposedly getting touched up this afternoon. Actually, I'm not letting them leave until they fix the floors. I'm tired of being stuck here waiting for contractors to show up. This is week SIX of people coming in and out of my house. I'm so over it. I'm ready to furnish and decorate our home.

photo (61)

Last night we had tacos for dinner. About an hour after dinner Tillie demanded bacon….and then pancakes. She ended up having 2 helpings. Toddlers are weird.

Does anyone else have trouble functioning after a night of interrupted sleep? I'm usually ok if I'm up late and get little sleep but when I wake up many times in the night I'm pretty much worthless the next day. I'm not sure if it was related to the pancakes and bacon but Tillie kept me up all night moaning and groaning. In fact, both girls have been crying out, moaning & groaning throughout the night for the past couple of weeks. I'm hoping this is a phase that will pass sooner rather than later. Until then, there will be lots of coffee consumption.

We got a zoo pass for the first time this year. With a splash pad and several playgrounds at our zoo, I see us taking a lot of trips there this summer. We went on Monday and stayed about 3 hours which was plenty because it got HOT.

Zoo Day 2014 ELTnT-1
Zoo Day 2014 T2 on Bench-2
Zoo Day 2014 TnT-4

Happy Wednesday!


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