June 3, 2014

Teaching Toddlers: Alphabet Seek & Find

Alphabet Fun_Cover-1

Not all learning has to be in a sit down structured setting. You can often teach your toddlers the skills they need for pre-school with items or toys found around your house.

Ever since my girls were infants I would sing them alphabet song. I thought it might help them learn the alphabet but after almost 3 years, it hasn't quite clicked yet so I decided to get a little creative and make it more fun and interactive.

This activity is the most requested in our house right now and we often will play it 2-3 times a day.


  • Letter Shapes (I use the magnet letters you can get at the dollar store)
  • Alphabet Flash Cards


  • To set up this activity, make sure you have each letter represented with your flash cards and your letters then spread the letters out throughout the room.
  • Hold up a flash card and ask your toddler to find the letter on the card.
  • Say the letter. Make the sound the letter makes, and name an item that starts with that letter.
  • The toddler seeks out and finds the letter. (Once they find the letter, my girls like to hold the letter up to the card to see if it matches).
  • Repeat the steps until your toddler has found all the letters.

Alphabet Fun_Letters-2
Alphabet Fun_Play-3

I have not tried it yet, but this activity would work for numbers and shapes as well!

Happy Learning!


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