May 24, 2014

Saturday Update

Here's a little glimpse into our week.

We had the first year anniversary of the tornado. I did a little post about it here.

Also, if you missed it, I posted a house tour of the house before we moved in. It was much prettier then. Now it's a big unpacking nightmare of a mess. :)

JMac took off the day of the one year anniversary to take me furniture shopping.  We are having a very hard time finding anything in our style locally. Most of our furniture stores carry either very traditional or very modern furniture. Plus, our budget is a little tight so we have been also looking at refinished furniture as opposed to new furniture. I haven't bought anything yet but here are some gems I have come across.

I spotted this dresser at a local vintage shop. I'm thought about using it in the family room for DVD & game storage. I didn't buy it then but now I'm thinking if they still have it (which is not likely…this place sells stuff fast!), I'll get it.

Aqua Dresser

I've been on the search for a breakfast table & chairs to replace my very country and tornado beat up set that we had before. I'm really wanting a rectangular table but this one caught my eye.

White Grey Chevron Table

I need a buffet for the dining room. All the brand new buffets I've found are very expensive and either espresso, black or white. I'm wanting something with a little bit of character so when I saw this one at a very good price, I got a little excited. It would take some work but I could paint it any color I wanted. What do you think? Navy? Silver?


Speaking of the dining room….the chairs that I purchased and posted on Instagram a couple weeks ago? They're all going back. :( I'm so disappointed.

Dining Chairs

I ordered eight chairs and when they delivered them, one of them was busted so they took it back to see if they could fix it but couldn't so they sent another one. It was busted too. I LOVE the look of them but the quality is just not up to our standards so we are starting the hunt all over. Ugh.



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