May 19, 2014

Just Blog

I keep telling myself that I need to get back to blogging regularly again but I just haven't made the time nor have I had the energy to do it lately. Today I told myself just to sit down and blog...even if it's just rambling.

So forgive me if my thoughts aren't quite coherent.


As I am working on going through and unpacking the "tornado" boxes, I've been coming up with a lot of post ideas related to building a house, home insurance, decorating, organizing, etc. I've been trying to write them down so I'll remember them later. Hopefully, I'll have some good content when I get going on this little ol' blog of mine.


The girls are doing well. They love the house so much that when we are out running errands and they start to get tired, they will say "let's go home, mom-mom". Quite a change from living in the apartment and them bawling when we would drive through the gated entrance into the complex.

A lot of their toys from the house were boxed up after the tornado so when I get to one of those boxes and start bringing in the toys that are in good enough shape to keep, they get so excited. It's like Christmas for them every time. They always say, "tank ooo, tank ooo, mom-mom." It's pretty cute. 

Tens & Hippo
Tensley reunited with her first lovey….hippo.


As I mentioned above we are still unpacking. We've unpacked everything from the apartment and have started on the "tornado" boxes. This is a very slow process seeing as we have to clean/wash anything that we decide is worth keeping. Having two wild and crazy toddlers doesn't help the process either. ;)

I have finished unpacking all kitchen stuff…I think. I think there are some things missing but I won't know until all the boxes have been gone through. That's the thing about going through a disaster such as a tornado…JMac & I are constantly looking for things we thought we had but then ask each other, "Did we have that pre or post tornado(s)?" I still find myself looking for things that we lost in our first tornado in '99.

Honestly, we could probably throw out or donate about 75% of what we have left to unpack. There are days where I just want to have one of those big dumpsters delivered and just start filling it up. I mean, we've lived without it for almost a year so why would we need it now, right?

On top of unpacking, we still have contractors coming in to do touch up work. With all the houses being built/re-built here it's been hard getting them to come out. I'm just tired of being stuck at home just in case one of them stops by to fix something.

Also, on our to-do list….concrete approach for the driveway, getting the yard cleaned up and landscaped, shop for furniture, add electricity to the barn, build the girls' play set & play house (we're transforming a small shed that was donated to us after the tornado).

My goal was to have everything done by the girls birthday (which would give us 2 months) but I'm losing hope that it will happen.

There's just too much to be done…..starting over {yet again} is more difficult than I had imagined.

I hope to have House Tour #2 up sometime this Summer.


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